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Events & Conferences

Although JDP can put together a complete team and provide all of the following audio and video services for your event or conference this is definitely NOT an all or nothing proposition. Choose only those technologies & services you need. Perhaps you would like to add on-site editing to your event for the production of a top-notch 5-7 minute (or whatever length you want) highlight video to show at the close of your conference and use as a promo for next years event.  Or you could choose to add multi-cameras for image magnification but you do not need to record each camera angle.  These are just two examples of how to upgrade your existing event without investing in the whole enchilada (although enchiladas suite my taste just fine as well).

Multi-Camera Projection

Give your event participants on the “big screens” what they don’t have live-CLOSE-UPS! Multiply the impact and involvement of your speakers, drama, singers and leaders with large, bright images of every expression, emotion and gesture. No more honey-I-shrunk-the-speaker. Every seat in the house is a good one with multi-camera, multi-screen projection. Each system is custom designed for each unique event from number and placement of professional cameras to the size and placement of screens in your general session venue. Professional cameras, projectors, screens, and video mixing/switching combine to make the big difference at your next big event.

On-Site Video Editing

Videotape recordings of all general sessions as projected on screens for archive or future editing purposes. This can be on the video format of your choice including SVHS, DV, DVCam, BetaSP, or DVD.

Videotape each speaker and duplicate on-site to offer for purchase as individual DVD messages or as a complete speaker’s video collection. Complete with laser printed labels and colored slip covers.

Production of an EVENT HIGHLIGHT VIDEO to be shown on the big screens during the final session. Can be whatever length you want but most are in the 5-10 minute range.

Duplication and sale of on-site of EVENT HIGHLIGHT VIDEO. Thanks to the real-time computer-based portable editing system used by JDP and mobile video duplication system that same highlight video you show in your final session (5-10 min.) can be expanded overnight into a 20-30 min. highlight video of your entire event. This is a great option because it 1) gives your event participants a great memory souvenir to take home and show their friends/church/associates, 2) give you a promo video for next years event and 3) substantially reduces your cost since it produces income for JDP. And of course, event organizers receive recorded video masters.

On-site production of “theme” videos to support your event theme or emphasis. These could fun and/or serious short 1-3 min. productions shot and edited right at your convention and shown in the general sessions. Stupid human tricks, man-on-the-street interviews, story telling, welcome video, thematic vignettes, etc.

Audio Recording, Duplication & Sales

General Session Keynote Speaker Audio Recordings, Audio CDs can be mastered duplicated and distributed on-site at your conference or convention. Great “budget reducer” for event planners since it is an income producer for JDP. Of course, the sponsoring organization receives complimentary CD master sets complete with full color storage albums.* Breakout/Workshops/Seminar Recordings can be mastered, duplicated and distributed on CD for all your breakout seminars and workshops. Once again a great “budget reducer” for event planners and appreciated services to conference attendees allowing them to take full advantage of all your event has to offer.